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If you're here, it's because your struggles to scale keep happening over and over again. Our unique agency frees your business from that endless loop.

At Flat Circle Agency we specialize in scale and performance, profitably managed over 50 million dollars in ad spend in 2020 and 2021 combined, and consistently grow our internal brands to 8 figures within 3 years.

WHY Flat Circle

You see, according to the great philosopher, Nietzsche, time is a Flat Circle.

This means our lives are forever repeating and you're doing the same things over and over again. Which directly applies to your marketing.
Because if you're stuck in an endless loop of marketing missteps your business will fail to ever experience significant growth.

BUT, if you can get into the right loop?

Both you and your customers (they're now seeing your ads, buying your stuff if the ads are good, and becoming dependable repeat customers) will become very happy 🙂

So the key for success (in both business AND life) is to stop existing in the circle of doing the wrong things …and jump into a new circle of doing the right things!
And while our competitors are mostly general digital agencies (i.e. jack of all trades, master of none) failing to scale your business and keeping you in the same fruitless circle, we at Flat Circle Agency specialize in scale and performance, placing you in a new circle of growth and prosperity!

This means 3 amazing things for your business:

  • We differentiate from our competitors by focusing on specific things…

    Thanks to our extensive knowledge of how DTC companies work (hey, we've spent millions managing our own!), we're aces at executing gamebreaking revenue enhancers. We're talking about performance driven data, results driven advertising, successfully managing facebook spend, precise audience building, growing ROAS, and a clear focus on increasing sales.

  • We're 100% transparent

    We do not hide our strategy or our work. Unlike too many other agencies which leave their clients in the dark, we keep you in the nice warm light. You'll know what we know and always feel grounded.

  • We are giving you the 1 thing which can never be replaced…time!

    When you work with us, you'll be able to stop worrying about your marketing (say goodbye to Facebook advertising headaches) and fully focus on your business.


Or even more importantly, why do we do what we do?

As a unique mix of talents and strengths who'd gained invaluable experience in the financial world, our team realized we could take our understanding of data analysis and numbers and apply it to the successful scaling of businesses.

And from there we derived our mission…

To help brands who share a similar mindset who are not afraid to become successful on the global level. But there's 1 other crucial thing about us which should matter to you…

We are not a 'fast-talking' agency.

Sure, we're ambitious (an obvious essential to both our and your success). But we're also humble - a rare trait in the marketing world. We ask the right questions. We listen to the client's feedback. And unlike too many other agencies, we don't see our clients as mere dollar signs, but instead, seek to develop strong, honest, long-lasting relationships with them.

Rok Hladnik
Managing Partner
Matej Hladnik
Rok Sabadin
Matija Ĺ tulac
Senior Growth Manager
Špela Poljšak
Senior Growth Manager
Tea Vrhunc
Senior Growth Manager
Sabrina Husejnović
Senior Growth Manager
Marko Drljić
Senior Growth Manager
Tjaša Jerman
Senior Email Specialist
Lia Fešte
Content Manager
Tina Simerl
Account Manager
Kateryna Rusanova
Account Manager
Martina LuĹľnik
Email Specialist
Sabrina Oprešnik
Graphic Designer



Benjamin Kumalić

Head of Performance Marketing @ Bird Buddy

"High analytical skills and long-time experience in the media buying world make cooperation seamless. The Flat Circle team efficiently manages every dollar spent and tries to provide clients with a bigger picture and understanding of the advertising industry to realize the true impact of performance marketing on a scale."

Eric Carlson

Co-Founder @ 10xFactory

"I have a very high bar for what I consider to be a true performance marketer, and Flat Circle checks all of the boxes. Their team acts as a trusted advisor and trendspotter for all of their clients. Their level of communication is top-notch and so is their ability to identify bottlenecks and spot opportunities in marketing. They combine excellent pattern recognition, creativity, and science to deliver amazing results. Simply, they know what works and they are a ton of fun to work with."

Ĺ pela MlekuĹľ

Content marketing coordinator @ Databox

"Rok and his team’s passion for media ad buying and helping DTC businesses reach their goals by means of Facebook advertising and beyond is exceptional. Keen eyes for details trends, tech, and seasonality make their work as professional as possible. If something is happening with your paid ads they are the ones that will spot it and save your day (and your money). Only a person who truly cares about exceptional performance, will check ads several times a day for dozens of clients, and act proactively - the team at Flat Circle does that. Also, whenever you need practical advice, they will share a handful of good & bad practices with you anytime, with great pleasure."

AnĹľe MarkoviÄŤ

Creative Director

"As a creative strategist, I work with a lot of high-level media buyers. And I can say that the Flat Circle team is one of the best I’ve worked with. Media buying is harder post iOS updates in 2021 and you need to know what you are doing. The way how they adopted the new world in the digital space is incredible. The combination of communication, efficiency, pattern recognition is at the top level and I would highly recomend it."

Jasmine Shamberger

Founder @ LUXXI

"Rok and his team at Flat Circle Agency have been nothing short of amazing to work with! They analyzed our account in-depth and provided us with with strategies on how to improve results and increase revenue post iOS 14. They stay ahead of the curve on advertising platform changes and makes suggestions based upon what they are seeing in our industry and other verticals. Communication and results have been stellar!"


Our partners and friends

If you want a partner who is passionate about helping you achieve your business objectives we are the right choice.



Yep, that's how much we managed in Facebook advertising spend in 2020 and 2021. But as awesome as the number is, what it truly represents is our clients' incredible trust in us.

Trust like that can't be bought, only earned.

Which brings us to…


That beautiful $50M+ only exists because of the outstanding returns we provide. All of our ad spend is in DTC (direct to customer) brands and performance, and with an average 4.2 ROAS* (no 2021) you can be certain our ad spend generated plenty of profits.

*Disclamer: Both ROAS and ad spend are not the most important KPI. They are just one of many depending on your business and vertical. But perhaps the easiest to understand and that is why we have used them here.

2021 was a revolutionary year for digital advertising. Apple hit us with App Tracking Transparency in their iOS14.5 update which totally rocked the e-commerce/digital advertising industry.

And we adapted to the new world better than just about anyone…

By developing cutting-edge internal tools (supplemented by time-proven external ones) we locked in on this new world of advertising and pulled even farther ahead of the other agencies in this lighting-fast DTC and paid social space.

But also know this…our impressive numbers aren't a result of overloading our client list.

You see, we value true partnerships - and because of this, only take on a handful of DTC brands at the same time.

This means when you work with us you'll get a uniquely personal experience, the full attention of some of the finest minds in digital advertising, and our 120%.


If you have any questions let us know!